Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Step in gum???

Ok... here's a tip we ALL need from time to time. So you hop out of the car, and start across the parking lot into the store, when you realize your foot is sticking to the pavement with each step!  AGAHH!  You stepped in gum!  Here's a great way to get that gum off your shoe without all the pulling .. ooey gooey mess. TaKe NoTE:

When you get home, place your shoe in the freezer for a few hours, untill the gum is frozen.  Then take a knife, or a flathead screwdriver, and pry it off. It'll come right off!


  1. you better not think i dont know were you got that from.

    and i cant beilive you put that on there i love you

  2. in know u got that from...Imagination Movers On Play House Disney