Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Grandma ~

So... I was thinking about my late grandmother the other day and it made me smile.  :)   A few months ago, I was also reminiscing about my times with her, and I wrote down a few things that always reminded me of her.  Things she did, things she had, things she said.... And I shared it with my sisters.  They each had more to add to the list, and we all smiled and laughed after each, "oh, and remember when ... ?"  So, I thought I'd share some of them... Even though, to many of you these won't mean a thing, but for myself and my siblings, it makes us smile!
* "Oh Bucket!"                                                 * Honeysuckle
* Daisy Mae                                                     * Chior
* The red white and blue jumpsuit                     * Vo5 Hairspray
* Sunday dinners                                              * Buckwheat pancakes
* The plant in the corner of the dinning room     * 8 track tapes
* Driving gloves                                               * The BOX of SHOES !!!

XOXOXO Signing off!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Step in gum???

Ok... here's a tip we ALL need from time to time. So you hop out of the car, and start across the parking lot into the store, when you realize your foot is sticking to the pavement with each step!  AGAHH!  You stepped in gum!  Here's a great way to get that gum off your shoe without all the pulling .. ooey gooey mess. TaKe NoTE:

When you get home, place your shoe in the freezer for a few hours, untill the gum is frozen.  Then take a knife, or a flathead screwdriver, and pry it off. It'll come right off!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photo Memory Books

I remember when I was first introduced to these amazing little books.  They were so expensive! ... I made one for my brother as a Christmas gift a few years ago, and I believe I paid around $40 for it.  It turned out great, but it was just an 8x12 inch book with 20 pages total. (10 front and back) I just found this new site - (I know there are more out there but...) - these guys have awesome layouts, embelishments, backgrounds, you name it.  The only thing I wish they had more of, is font selections.  But get this... an 8x8 book with 20 pages is only $9.99!!  Add more pages for just $.50 a piece!  It's a fantastic deal. ~  I've got Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas already planned for both my parents, AND my in-laws.  Plus I have so much fun creating them.  It IS VERY time consuming though... Well, at least for me... I'm kinda picky.  So it can take a while to create each book.  I spent over 11 hours on this one here, and it's only a 25 page book!  But I get lost in my work, and the time flies by... before I know it, no dinner has been made, no homework has been done, and it's bedtime for the kids!  ~  Yikes!  But,... I have a great family memory!

XOXOXO ~ Signing off ~

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun Shoe Tips!!

Here's a few ideas that you may want to keep in mind.  Little things I've learned over the years to help keep my shoes in tip top shape!  - - -

~  I live in Idaho, and I wear my suede boots all winter long, thru the ice, snow, and the salt used for melting the ice and snow... If you're like me, then you've probably noticed the salt stains left on your boots after sloshing thru the wet winter weather... TaKe NoTE:

* White vinegar cleans salt-stained leather and suede shoes. Make a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Dab it onto a cotton rag (or a nylon-bristle brush if you're cleaning suede), rub gently over the entire shoe, and let dry.

~ This next tip comes in VERY handy when you have a 6 year old boy in the springtime. My son LOVES puddles... (I think he's magnetically drawn to them) And in the springtime when everything is melting, and there are hundreds of puddles calling his name, I welcome home a very soggy footed first grader nearly every day... TaKe NoTe:

*Help wet shoes preserve their shape―and speed up drying―by placing crumpled newspaper in them overnight.

I think these are GREAT TIPS!  Hope you can use them and enjoy them as well!

~XOXO Signing off ~

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm only a few years behind, I suppose?? And I have to admit, It's all still a bit intimidating... I want to share my favorite pix, music, memories, and of course my Love for SHOES!!

So I'm jumping on the band wagon, but still playing my own tune.

I love- above all else- my husband and my kids! I have the greatest family in the world, and I am so blessed to have the chance to be a wife and mother to them.

I think I am busier than every other mother in the world, but I know I'm not. However... juggling 4 kids, and all that they are involved in, a full time job, volunteering at the schools, time with my husband, running a household, and ocasionally taking time for myself, I keep pretty busy. But I take some time for my own pleasures once in a while.

Photography - Scrapbooking - Writing - Reading - Cooking - Singing - Music - Digital Memories - AND SHOPPING FOR SHOES!!

Why shoes, you ask? It's simple you see... Shoes are loyal. That's right... I said loyal. Over the past 20 years I've worn jeans and dresses in sizes from a zero to a twelve - up, down, all around and back again... But guess what... My shoes stayed the same size! Maybe a little tighter with swelling from pregnancies, and maybe a little loose after being worn over and over, but always the same size! So you see, if I'm gonna spend money on something for my wardrobe, it's gonna be on something that will last... and Shoes win~!

*Plus, they might tell you what kind of mood I'm in ???.... Where I'm going???.... Where I've been??? .... (But don't be fooled - It's quite feesable to see me at the grocery store in my heels!)

Like Forest Gump says: "You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear."

~XOXO Signing off~