Friday, March 4, 2011

Sh*t my kids say:

So I'm reading this book, Sh*t My Dad Says, by Justin Halpern, and laughing out loud at every page I turn.  I wish I had started a blog or site quoting the things my kids say.  Then I thought, well, maybe it's only funny to me??  Anyway - I'm not trying to get any followers, or write a book, or get my own TV show, but I have to share some of the funny things my kids say from time to time... I just gotta!

~ Here's a few for this week! 

Ty, on being voted Most Gullible Guy in his Freshman class: "Really??"
Maia (10 years old) At the dinner table, responding to something Jake said. (And her comment was so funny, we don't even remember what Jake said.)
Maia - "I love him.  He's so stupid!" - And if you were here to witness it, you'd have heard all the seriousness and sincerity in her voice.  It was priceless!"
Mesa (11 years old) - After softball practice as I, the coach, tried to get the teams attention:
Me - "Girls, can you hear me?"
Mesa - "Who can't?" (insert eyes rolling and a heavy sigh)
I've never been accused of having a quiet voice. Never.
Jake (7 years old) - "I love Fridays at school."
Me - "Really, why?"
Jake - "Because we don't have to learn anything new on Fridays. We just have to take tests and prove that we learned something all the other days this week."

Signing off ~  XoXoXo ~ Des