Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ok- I get it. Drama doesn't stop after Jr. High

Soooo... A very crazy week here!  Well - few weeks for that matter.  And I know some of you will be offended by this, but female bosses (for the most part) are psycho, high n mighty, control freaks!  Yikes!  (And to think, she runs a company that employs nearly 80 other women!)  Now I know there are a few women out there in leadership roles that totally rock... I've even had a few for bosses at one time or another.  But most of you will have to agree with me (even those of you who ARE the female bosses), that most women bosses are MORE personally involved, and LESS professional when someone they don't care for is under their supervision.  Right??  You know you agree.... and I know it, but you can deny it.  Some of you will, and if so, then you're probably just like the one I'm referencing.  Again, I'm not saying ALL, but sadly, most. 

So... a few weeks ago I get home from a weekend camping trip and retrieve my voice messages.

1st message is from the above noted 'boss' - (sort of - I'm legally self-employed, but they do handle the contract and cut the check... so)... anyway, the message says: "Oh, sorry I missed you.  I hate to leave this in a message, I really need to talk to you today. (By the way, this message was left on a Friday afternoon at 1:30 and she was leaving for a 10 day vacation the following day) Anyway, she continues her message, "They (the co. I'm contracted to) are requesting a change for Whatshizname. (My client, and the one I consider my real boss, because he is who I actually work for.)  Anyway, in order to make this less confusing ... I'll just recap... in a general manner...
- She says he's being reassigned.
- But.. the next message is from my client, Mr. Whatshizname, and he says "Hey give me a call, do you know what's going on here?"
- No, I don't --- No he doesn't... So who requested what change?? huh?

Anyway long story short, and to spare those of you who are already lost in this mess, she basically doesn't like me - not really news to me, but I don't care, I don't like her either.  However, she came very close to losing business by trying to pull this crap... She's the kind of person who has been able to get her way for most of her life, ... until she tried to take me on... But because she doesn't like me, she thought she could  pull one of my best clients from me, give him to someone else, and assume that he and I weren't going to question it??  And believe me - she had some great explanations... or rather B.S. excuses! ... Anyway, once I started to question her and her actions, and once she realized that I had more info then she thought I did, and once she stared feeling the heat of being asked to explain herself and her reasons/actions, she threw her hands up.  She quit responding to me, and pushed the responsibility off onto another woman who is also in her employ.... CRAZY, and totally unprofessional.. Not good when you're risking the loss of business from a multi-million dollar company.  But again, she's probably been able to push people around her whole life with little or no confrontations, and then .... THERE WAS ME! 

I'm sure she's still reeling... because I know I am, and I won.  But I still wish she'd have called me back, because there's still a few items I wanted to have her explain to me.  Still question's I want answered, but then again... she doesn't have a professional answer, and I've already debunked all the other excuses she gave me... so I guess that's a little satisfaction.  I'd just like to say, "So, what is it about me that makes you feel so threatened?"  And "Was this attempt of yours to 'try to put me in my place' really worth the possibility of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in business, by showing the management of your biggest contractor how UNprofessional you can be??"  Maybe she needs some counseling.

Signing off ~ XoXOXo