Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photo Memory Books

I remember when I was first introduced to these amazing little books.  They were so expensive! ... I made one for my brother as a Christmas gift a few years ago, and I believe I paid around $40 for it.  It turned out great, but it was just an 8x12 inch book with 20 pages total. (10 front and back) I just found this new site - (I know there are more out there but...) - these guys have awesome layouts, embelishments, backgrounds, you name it.  The only thing I wish they had more of, is font selections.  But get this... an 8x8 book with 20 pages is only $9.99!!  Add more pages for just $.50 a piece!  It's a fantastic deal. ~  I've got Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas already planned for both my parents, AND my in-laws.  Plus I have so much fun creating them.  It IS VERY time consuming though... Well, at least for me... I'm kinda picky.  So it can take a while to create each book.  I spent over 11 hours on this one here, and it's only a 25 page book!  But I get lost in my work, and the time flies by... before I know it, no dinner has been made, no homework has been done, and it's bedtime for the kids!  ~  Yikes!  But,... I have a great family memory!

XOXOXO ~ Signing off ~

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