Wednesday, May 26, 2010

end of school update!

WOW!  There's always SOOO much going on at the end of every school year.  Concerts, dance performances, award programs,  etc.. etc ... Then on top of that, we have to start the sign ups and practices for all the summer activities... so with the overlap it's a CRAZY time of year!
We had Maia's Ballroom performance the end of April, moved right into Mesa's Ballroom performances, then to the Flag ceremony and awards program for 5th grade.  And on top of that, we started softball (which I'm coaching again), and baseball. Throw in Mother's Day, Mesa's birthday, and PTO, and that comes out as a VERY busy month! Oh, and Santo changed jobs in the middle of the month as well, so we had a going away party for him from the site, and we are now trying to get used to the new schedule he'll have with the new job... I'm a little overwhelmed some days!  What a baby ... I know there are mom's out there doing more than me.  Anyway - here are a few pix from what's been tying up my time this month!

Mesa was the only student in her class to score a 100% on her Flags test. So she was chosen to present the awards to her class.
Here's Santo with some of the guys he worked with out at SMC.  He's really going to miss that place, and the guys he worked with.
It has been CRAY - BUSY, but in all - a Great Month!
Signing off ... XOXOXO ~Destry

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